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We support project leaders in Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Nouvelle Aquitaine in the conception, development, experimentation and industrialisation of solutions with an impact on ground mobility. ID4Mobility is a European mobility cluster acting in West France, Europe and internationally. Through a collaborative approach, we bring together 400+ members focusing on smarter Mobility. We have been supporting 50 EU projects and 250 members in the development of their large-scale innovation projects since 2006.

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At the service of actors of the mobility communities, in the vehicle, services, infrastructure and industry fields.

Specific vehicles
Mobility Industries
Active mobility
Mobility for defence
Transport of persons
Transport of goods
Infrastructures for mobility
Off-road and agricultural machinery


Key figures:
  • We gather 300 SMEs and start-ups, 40 medium-size companies, 30 large companies and 65 R&D laboratories.
  • We are active in 2 large demonstration projects in the cities of Rennes and Nantes
  • We have several key flagship sites such as the “24H du Mans” iconic of the evolution of the automotive sector, the Railway FERROCAMPUS Campus in Saintes for preparing the railways 2.0, the EXCELCAR industrialisation and innovation Platform in Rennes for supporting industrialisation of projects and prototyping.

EU & International strategy

Our global objective for our EU and International strategy is to support our members in their innovation ad internationalisation processes.

At international level, we established cooperation with several clusters at international level:

  • In Scotland
  • In Spain
  • In The Netherlands
  • In Germany
  • In Canada

We support partnership with companies from these regions and countries, joint innovation projects, as well as market scouting and participation in large international events.

For the European part of our strategy, we focus on 4 main topics:

  • Supporting and facilitating the development of EU projects in the EU R&D framework programmes amongst our members
  • Facilitating the access to consortium at EU level for our members and brining in expertise in innovation and industrialization to existing consortium with our 400 members (companies, R&D laboratories)
  • Proposing test, experimentation and demonstration sites for large projects on mobility (vehicles, services, infrastructures, digitalisation, …) with our partners cities
  • Participation in the 4 main EU partnership in our sector and contributing to EU programmes, regulation and standards.
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Our Projects


Gathering 31 partners from 10 different countries, DECARBOMILE aims to trigger an unprecedented improvement of the green last mile logistics in Europe. To reach that goal, DECARBOMILE relies on a strong experience of decarbonating urban logistics through European initiatives such as CIVITAS. Partners will build upon all previous results to develop improved delivery methods, tools and methodologies, and implement them across Europe.
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TANGENT develops new complementary tools to optimize traffic operations in a coordinated and dynamic way from a multimodal perspective and considering automated / non-automated vehicles, passengers and freight transport. TANGENT is a project funded by the European Commission under the Research and Innovation Program, which started in September 2021 and will end in August 2024.
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Autonomous mobility in tests in European cities: identifying the right uses, refining technologies, studying economic models, these are the challenges of the European project SHOW (2020-2024): SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption. This major project brings together 70 partners from 13 countries and coordinates experiments on 20 urban and peri-urban sites in Europe.

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Véronique ROTTIER

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